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AquaCiser Treadmill

The AquaCiser Treadmill System which is offered at Park Physical Therapy is an individually supervised, one-on-one therapeutic session; it is NOT a group session activity. Each client has a specific program designed to achieve distinct goals for rehab management.

This variable-speed underwater treadmill represents a revolution in aquatic therapy. Patients otherwise limited by pain, weakness, or weight-bearing restrictions can begin to develop strength much earlier in the rehabilitative process. Early intervention means less post-traumatic reconditioning; and subsequent gains in strength, endurance, and range of motion.

Features and Benefits

The AquaCiser® I I Underwater Treadmill System is comprised of an exercise chamber, a water reservoir, and control console. Temperature, depth, belt direction and a speed can all be manipulated from the consoles control panel so treatment protocols can be individualized.

The water remains in a reservoir until the patient is comfortably situated in the exercise chamber, making patient access exceptionally easy.

Water depth can be adjusted to a maximum of 48 inches, allowing the patient to safely comply with weight bearing restrictions - a smooth transition to land-based exercise.

The patient remains "stationary" while the belt moves below so frontal resistance is virtually eliminated and normal ambulatory posture is maintained. This produces a more functional movement pattern than the head-forward gait pattern characteristic of pool walking. The client can also walk laterally and in retrograde fashion to improve balance.

Dual-function hydrotherapy jets enhance the therapeutic effects of warm water. (90 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit)

The clear door and side windows allow the therapist to monitor the patient's gait.

A patient seat allows for use while standing or sitting.

An automatic Bromine system ensures a sanitized water supply.

The Value of Aquatic Therapy

Initiate early ROM post surgery
Early mobilization post injury
Cardiovascular aerobic development
Reduced weight bearing activities
Buoyancy reduces joint load forces 
Lower limb and back strengthening in functional movement patterns
Strengthening programs for deconditoned muscles responds well to the assistance 
            and resistance of water
Excellent for endurance improvement
Arthritic conditioning is more tolerable in heated tank environment
Safe and secure environment